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General terms

Our vehicles can be rented by persons over 23 years of age who have held a driver's license for at least 2 years. When picking up the desired vehicle, it is necessary to show a valid driver's license and an identity card or passport.

The service user is obliged to:
- He bears the cost of the fuel used;
- If it is necessary to extend the agreed period of vehicle use, the user must request the consent of Bel rent a car agency 48 hours before the deadline for returning the vehicle;
- The user must immediately stop driving if the odometer breaks down during use and inform the Bel rent a car agency about the breakdown as soon as possible;
- If, when returning the vehicle, it is found that the odometer is damaged, the User bears the costs and is obliged to pay the BEL rent a car agency the amount of costs for 500 kilometers for each day of vehicle use;
- The user must maintain and protect the vehicle during use;
- The user must return the vehicle within the agreed time or earlier at the request of Bel rent a car agency;
- The user can use the vehicle only for personal needs;
- If traffic violations are committed, the user pays the costs;
- The user is obliged to protect the interest of Bel rent a car agency in the event of an accident, and this is implied:
1. to record the names and addresses of participants and witnesses of the accident
2. the user must not leave the damaged vehicle until he has secured it and removed it from the accident site
3. it is mandatory to inform the agency about the damage (even minor)
4. a written accident report must be submitted
5. in case of major damage or if there are injured persons in the accident, it is necessary to immediately call and wait for the traffic police.

- Driving a car under the influence of alcohol, psychoactive substances, sedatives and sleeping aids or other drugs;
- Use the vehicle for illegal purposes (criminal acts, customs violations...);
- Use the vehicle for any competition, racing or speed trials;
- Use the vehicle for paid transportation of passengers or goods;
- Use the vehicle for driver training;
- Use the vehicle to drive or tow other vehicles, trailers;
- Use the vehicle if it is not in driving condition;
- Overload the vehicle with persons or objects exceeding the permitted weight;
- Crossing the border of the Republic of Serbia without permission from the Bel rent a car agency;
- Rent a car or lend it to a third party.

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